Greetings Cards

We have got cards for every occasion in here - Birthday Cards, Easter Cards, Anniversary Cards, Valentine's Cards, Christmas Cards, Playing Cards - ok, we might have fibbed about that last one but the rest we have got...and more.


Personalised Greetings Cards Made in the UK

Choose from a wide range of beautiful, hand-painted designs to personalise your greetings card whether it's for a birthday, a new baby, your anniversary or Valentine's day - we have a greetings card for every occasion! A personalised greetings card is the best way to create something truly unique and thoughtful to show that you care, why not make it a card and a gift in one with one of our keepsake cards?

Why Choose This is Nessie?

Personalised stationery is the bread and butter of the business. It all started when a friend asked Nessie for some change of address cards as she was moving from the city to the country, Nessie decided to represent this move with a row of classic green wellies and the welly boot collection blossomed from there. Our customers love using Nessie's hand-painted illustrations to celebrate lots of different occasions from weddings to birthdays, new babies, Christeningsanniversaries and Christmas - or even just because!