Mother's Day Cards

Celebrate the extraordinary love and unwavering support of mothers everywhere with personalised Mother's Day cards from This is Nessie. Our collection of bespoke Mother's Day cards is a tribute to the unique bond between mothers and their children. With beautiful hand-painted illustrations you can add a heartfelt message and create a special memory to last a lifetime.


Personalised Mother's Day Cards Made in the UK

Choose from a wide range of beautiful, hand-painted designs to personalise your Mother's Day card. At This is Nessie, we take pride in delivering top-quality personalised cards that celebrate the bond between a mother and her children and become cherished keepsakes. 

Why Choose This is Nessie?

Personalised stationery is at the heart and soul of our business. It all began when a dear friend approached Nessie, seeking change of address cards for a move from the bustling city to the serene countryside. Nessie, inspired by this transition, created a charming row of timeless green wellies and thus began our welly boot collection. Since then, our customers have embraced Nessie's hand-painted illustrations, using them to celebrate a multitude of special occasions. From weddings to birthdays, new babies, Christenings, anniversaries, and even the joy of Christmas, our personalised stationery is perfect for every heartfelt moment. Whether you're sending a card to express your love, commemorate an important milestone, or simply because it warms your heart, Nessie's artistic creations are sure to bring a touch of joy to any occasion.