These are not ordinary people you see before you here (That's them on the right - the things on the left are old bags full of post). These are superhuman beings capable of harnessing and packaging daily deliveries of smiles every single darn one of those 365 days in any given year. And in a leap year - you've guessed it - they do it 366 times. Amazing. Powered by chocolate and good strong coffee there is no limit to the extent of their abilities. Hop on over to our Facebook page or Instagram if you want to find out more about this groovy gang.

The 4:45pm Shuffle

There's only one deadline every day at TIN Towers and that is marked by the arrival of the Nibbles lunch van laden with sandwiches, chocolate, crisps, sweets and all manner of other edible treats. Heidi and her team call at the studio every day whatever the weather to make sure that everyone in the studio is fed and watered....what's that you say? There's another van that comes every day? A red van? Oh....THAT van and THAT deadline. Righto, yes, I will tell everyone about that. So, the postman comes, every day, at aournd 4:45pm. At this time of day the studio is an oasis of calm and everyone is sitting around drinking tea and cracking jokes. Not. We are all running round like crazy people trying to make sure that everything is in the bags and accounted for so that the amazing people at Royal Mail can whisk it all off to your letterboxes. Phew. Time for chocolate. And if you want to see what that looks like, click play on the video above. It's quite silly.


We charge a flat £4.25 for our standard postage within the UK on all baskets. Standard postage uses the Royal Mail which aims to deliver all items within 48 hours of posting. We reserve the right to vary our carriers and timescales according to seasonal demand. 


If speed is of the essence and two days is just too long to wait, you can pay £8.50 for express delivery. This will bump your order to the top of the queue and ensure that it is produced as soon as possible after we receive it. We will then dispatch it by Royal Mail 24 and – you’ve guessed it – this service aims to deliver within 24 hours of posting. So that’s first class in old money.


Again, in the interests of simplicity we have a single flat rate, regardless of order value, but depending on which country you live in. The charge for this is £11.75 for EU and £19.50 for the World Zones 1 & 2. 

For more information on this, visit


Finally there is special delivery which guarantees next day delivery by 1.30pm. To use this, your order must be placed before midday.
The cost is £11.