Christmas Stationery

Spread the holiday cheer with our range of personalised Christmas stationery, from single Christmas cards to Christmas card packs and Christmas party invitations - we have something for the whole holiday period!
Christmas card packs
Individual Christmas cards

Puppy parents Christmas card
Front Door Christmas Card
Robin Family Christmas Cards
Penguin Christmas invitations

Christmas Invitations


Personalised Christmas Stationery

We have an excellent range of Christmas stationery from Christmas cards to Christmas invitations and thank you cards. As well as exciting Christmas gifts whether you are shopping for mum, dad, grandad, grandma or the children - we have a personalised Christmas present to make your day magical!

Why Choose This is Nessie?

Stationery is the roots of This is Nessie, it's where it all began! The idea for the original welly boot designs came when a friend as for some change of address cards as she was making the big move from the city to the countryside - we decided to capture this change with a row of classic green wellies and the business stemmed from there.  Since then This is Nessie has become a business that you can go to for all of your stationery needs from Thank You's to Correspondence CardsWriting Paper to Greetings Cards and of course Christmas cards for everyone.  So if you're looking for beautiful, hand-painted Christmas stationery from a company that truly cares - look no further!

Our customers use Nessie's illustrations to celebrate so many significant events such as WeddingsBirths, Anniversaries, the list goes on!