Tea Towels

100% cotton tea towels personalised for any occasion. Perfect as a new home gift or an anniversary present. Plus they will fit through the letterbox so they are the perfect gift to send through the post!


Personalised Tea Towels

A kitchen staple that no one ever has enough of, well now they'll be hanging a one-of-a-kind family tea towel in their kitchen. Whether it's for a splash of colour, a giggle over the washing up or just something that will remind them how loved they are even in those everyday moments.  Match your personalised tea towel with a personalised Chopping Board, or perhaps a personalised Mug too.

Cotton Tea Towels

Explore our range of beautifully personalised tea towels printed on the best quality cotton with personalised and fun designs that will keep them smiling throughout the washing up.

Why This Is Nessie? 

Nessie has her own unique style of illustrations that customers love to use to represent their families on gifts for those all-important occasions. Because This is Nessie is a small, family-run business we put love and care into everything we do so that your personalised gifts arrive packaged beautifully and we fulfil our promise of delivering smiles.