Jute Bags

If Jute was a car it would be some sort of self-charging electric supercar. That is how eco-friendly it is. Jute is not a car though, but it does make some pretty good shopping bags. Add a bit of Nessie's influence and you have the perfect personalised shopping bag. You're welcome.


Personalised Jute Bag

This personalised eco-friendly bag, makes the perfect token gift for a friend's birthday, engagement, or even better - fill it with token goodies and you have an amazing hen-party bag, Christmas hamper, a wedding present or even a graduation gift.

Personalised Shopping Bags

We all know the feeling of being trapped in the shop without a bag and having to scoop up one of those plastic bags from your nightmares (and the oceans!).  Well our personalised jute bags and tote bags make the perfect shopping bag and noone will pick them up by accident!

Why This Is Nessie?

Nessie started her business back in 2002 designing greetings cards at her kitchen table; she needed a vocation that worked around being a new mother so this was perfect! Since then it has expanded beyond stationery, but the main focus has, and always will be, centred around family. As we are a small, family-run business we put love, care and attention into every gift that we send out and you can guarantee your item will arrive packaged beautifully and delivered quickly. Our main goal is to deliver smiles every day.