Personalised Star Sign Gifts

All of our beautiful star sign designs have been hand-painted by Nessie in her unique watercolour style. Whether you are looking for a gift for Libras or a card for Virgos, you can create a unique personalised zodiac gift with their own personal star sign. For an alternate horoscope style, create your own birth constellation gift, personalised to match the stars you were born under. These beautiful zodiac gift ideas make the best birthday presents to celebrate their birth date. The most important of all birthdays is the day we are born, which makes these gift ideas an extra-special way to surprise new parents with a gift for their new baby.

Personalised Birthday Gifts

Nothing makes someone feel more special on their birthday than a unique gift created just for them! We all have one day of the year that is all about us, so a thoughtful personalised birthday gift is a lovely way to show those you care about what they mean to you. Add a personalised birthday card for a chance to tell them how amazing they are, inside and out! Whether they are celebrating their 1st birthday, 21st birthday, or 100th birthday, we have a magical range of milestone birthday gifts to mark the occasion in style.