Welcome to the help section. We've tried to make the website simpler than a one-sided Rubik's cube, but in case we have not come up to scratch you can find a full guide here on how the site works.

What do you need help with?

The home page

There are a number of ways to get at what you are looking for. The first thing to notice is the four headings across the top of the home page.

Personalised Stationery

In here you will find all our postcard and greeting-card sized products arranged in what we hope is a logical style. Hover over the words "personalised stationery" and a menu will drop down that lists the different available categories. There are sections for children, invitations, correspondence cards and many more here. Clicking on the sections will show you what is available within those sections.

Off-the-Shelf Stationery

This is where you will find all our non-personalised goodies. Click into this section if you are looking to stock up your card drawer or get your hands on some multipurpose notecards or invitations. Slightly better value (if such a thing is possible) than our personalised stationery it's always worth a quick look in here.

Browse Illustrations

In this section we have completely turned things on their head! Rather than limit yourself to the designs and images that we think are suitable for any kind of stationery, from here you can choose an illustration and then choose what kind of stationery you would like the illustration to appear on. This section is also divided into categories, but with thousands of images in the library and more being added daily it pays to dig…

Bespoke Commissions

If you've not been able to find the perfect illustration, or you have something specific in mind you will find a form on this page that puts you in direct contact with Nessie herself who will work with you to create the perfect artwork. Use this form also if you would like to book one of our stationery experts to mix and match existing designs or work with existing artwork to create a unique product for you

Scrolling down the home page will also take you to our best sellers and our most newlyminted illustrations along with some other pointers for presents and particular seasonal offerings.


Directly below these headings on the home page you will find the search bar. Our search has been designed to work with natural language so you can search it for products (invitations), illustrations (bunting) or colours. You can also combine all three (pink bunting invitations). The results are then categorised by product and can be filtered using the check boxes on the left to narrow things down some more.


What do you want to say?

Once you have chosen your design and type of stationery, you will find yourself on the personalisation page. Here, you can control the overall appearance of your stationery from the font to the colour of the ink and of course the text that appears on the finished product.

The page is split in two, with the preview of your stationery on the right hand side and the various personalization tools on the left.

First, click the word "Personalise" to expand the text entry options. Type in the details exactly as you would like them to appear, taking care to delete any of the "dummy copy" from the original sample that you don't want on the finished product.

You can also adjust the colour of individual lines or the entire layout using our unique colour selection tool. This operates in two modes – simple & advanced. In simple mode, a single click on the colour box will change the colour of the selected line. Double-clicking will apply the colour to all lines.

Advanced Colour Selector

Advanced mode allows you to build multicoloured swatches that will colour words character by character allowing you create rainbow coloured text. There is a dedicated help on the colour selector itself that gives more detail on these features. Don't be afraid to experiment!

Fancy or Traditional?

Once you have all the text entered and coloured, click on "Choose your font" to try out some of the many fonts available. The font list is divided into two columns. Broadly, fonts on the left have both upper and lower case options, while the ones on the right are available in capitals only.

Take care when changing fonts as some allow fewer characters on a line and you may find that some of your text has disappeared. If this is the case then either try a different font or go pack to the "Personalise" option to edit the line that needs shortening.

The last two options allow you to choose both card and envelope colours.

Once your stationery is formatted and laid out as you want there are several options as to what to do next.

Adding it to the basket

Most likely you will want to add the item to your basket and check out. Choose the quantity that you require in multiples of 10 and select the thickness of card that you want. The price will adjust according to the choices that you make here.

Please note that to add any item to your basket, you must tick the check box that confirms that you are taking responsibility for what you have entered. We will print whatever you have entered so it is worth double-checking that all phone numbers and postcodes are correct and that you have got all your apostrophes in the right place! If you have another pair of eyes that can look over what you have done it is always a good idea to get them to look too as they will often see something that you have missed.


There is nothing too mysterious about this page – we have pared it down as much as we have been able to make it a clear and simple as possible.

The first thing you will see is the option to keep shopping. Don't be afraid to use this – we positively encourage it to the extent that we offer free postage on all baskets over £75.

On each item in your basket, you will find a summary of the key options you selected on the personalise page such as envelope colour and card colour. You can also return to the edit screen and alter your words using the change button. You can change the quantity you require here and even (heaven forfend) remove the item from your basket altogether.

If you are not a registered customer, you will need to enter your name and billing address for the card that you are intending to use for payment. If you are registered with us, now is a good time to login if you haven't already. As soon as you login, your billing address will be filled in for you.

Next you will need to tell us your delivery address. If this is the same as the billing address, just click the button to confirm this. Alternatively click "No" and enter your preferred delivery address, or select it from your personal address book. Any address entered here will be saved to your personal address book if it is not already there.


We charge a flat £3.95 for our standard postage within the UK on all baskets totaling less than £75. Above that sum, postage is free. Standard postage uses the Royal Mail 48 service which aims to deliver all items within 48 hours of posting. That's second class to you and me.

If speed is of the essence and two days is just too long to wait, you can pay £8.50 for express delivery. This will bump your order to the top of the queue and ensure that it is produced as soon as possible after we receive it. We will then dispatch it by Royal Mail 24 and – you've guessed it – this service aims to deliver within 24 hours of posting. So that's first class in old money

Finally there is special delivery which guarantees next day delivery by 1.30pm. To use this, your order must be placed before midday. The cost is £11.

Again, in the interests of simplicity we have a single flat rate, regardless of order value, but depending on which country you live in. The charge for this is £12.25 for EU and £19.50 for the World Zones 1 & 2. For more information on this, visit http://www.royalmail.com/international-zones

Voucher codes

We like to think that we are pretty generous here at Nessie Towers. We often run promotions and discounts to help you save with us. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook feeds where you will often find details of our latest offers. Come and see us out on the road as well where many of our girls will have special codes that will bag you a discount on the website.

If you are in possession of one of these magic codes, simply enter it here at the bottom of the basket page where, if it is still valid, you can watch the price come down before your very eyes, which can only be a good thing.

Placing your order

This button does exactly what it says. Click on it when you have filled your basket, entered all your details and are ready to be passed over to the clever people at SagePay who will process your card details. If you have shopped with us before and given your permission – there will be an option to use your saved card details. Once the card has been successfully processed, you will be returned to Thisisnessie.com where you will see an order confirmation number. You will also receive an email that confirms the details of your order and provides you with clickable links to thumbnails of the stationery that you have personalised.


If you notice a mistake just after you have placed an order, then get in touch with us as quickly as possible. It is feasible that your order will be printed within as little as ten minutes of being received so time is of the essence. If your order has been printed and you need it to be redone, the charge is 0.30p per item for everyday stationery and 0.40p per item for premium weight. P&P is charged at £3.95 where appropriate, unless express delivery is required. Please do check all your text input really closely as you are completely responsible for what is entered.