PutYourWelliesOn – The Challenge

Did you know that 75% of children in the UK spend less time outside than prison inmates?

I was pretty horrified to read the summary of various pieces of research recently that suggest that kids in the UK are spending on average HALF the amount of time outdoors that we did when we were little. I know – iPads, consoles, TV, fear of the bogeymen are all at play here, but it feels to me like one of those things that we could do a lot more about doesn’t it?

Actually, there is some research that goes even further, suggesting that 75% of our kids spend less time outside than prison inmates! Maybe that’s an exaggeration – but I can see, with the use of social media and particularly YouTube and TikTok, how for many families it’s easy to slip into this kind of indoor rut. As the mum of four extremely outdoorsy kids, who I still have to battle off their playstations, it really upset me reading this. I wanted to do something about it, after much thought I realised that if we can engage a group of people (you wonderful people) and inspire them to share their experiences outside with their families then together this might create a butterfly effect and encourage even more families to spend time outside.

The Challenge

…so we did exactly that! Last year we launched our #putyourwellieson campaign inspiring hundreds of families to share photos of their walks in their wellies. We’re re-launching the campaign alongside the launch of our new collection of Wellies for our Family Welly Boot Collection this Welly season and challenging you to go outside with your families and take a photo of your adventure for a chance to WIN a Personalised Family Welly Boot Print to immortalise those muddy memories forever.

Here’s some inspiration from families earlier this year!

How to enter the #PutYourWelliesOn challenge?


Put your wellies on (or just some outdoor footwear) and head outside together!


Take a moment to snap a picture of your adventure, muddy paws and all!


Share on instagram with the hashtag #putyourwellieson and make sure to tag @thisisnessiecom

Who else has been putting on their wellies?

We’ve been chatting to some of our friends and gathered their thoughts on spending time outdoors as a family, their personal experiences of the pressures with raising young children and their tips on how you can spend more time outside with your family.

Ultimately we’re offering a new opportunity every month for you to..