5 Tips for Hosting your Extended Family this Christmas

As Christmas songs take over the radio and Christmas chocolates fill the supermarket shelves, it’s clear that Christmas is just around the corner. For many of us, this means more than just festive cheer – it means hosting our extended family under one roof (eek!). While the thought of a bustling house full of loved ones warms my heart, it’s no secret that hosting Christmas can be a merry yet monumental task. Fear not! Here are five savvy tips I’ve found over the last eighteen years that help me prepare for hosting everyone at Christmas!

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Plan the Logistics Early

The key to success is planning! Figure out your guest list, accommodate sleeping arrangements and organise travel well in advance. What I find super helpful is having a family group chat so that you can keep all conversations in one place and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Deck the Halls Together

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Turn decorating the Christmas tree into a festive family affair. Allocate decorating tasks – from the tree decorations to wreaths and twinkling lights – to each family member. Turn up the Christmas tunes, grab a hot chocolate or cheeky mulled wine and have a wonderful time! Not only does this lighten the load, but it creates wonderful Christmas memories and you’ll possibly start a new Christmas tradition.

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Menu Mastery

Take the stress out of cooking by planning your Christmas menu well in advance. Consider dietary preferences, delegate dishes to willing family members, and make a shopping list. If your family loves potluck-style, encourage everyone to bring a signature dish to create a much easier (albeit less traditional) Christmas meal.

Entertainment Extravaganza

Keep everyone entertained with a range of activities planned that you can whip out of your pocket whenever needed. From board games to movie marathons, have a selection ready for both kids and adults. Organise group outings, like a winter hike or a local Christmas market visit, for a memorable shared experience.

Personal Touches

Infuse your home with thoughtful touches that make your guests feel welcome. Create personalised gift sacks for the children and little chocolate gift bags for the adults. These seemingly small gestures are sure to make people feel extra special and excited to give back and help this season.

While the preparations may seem like a whirlwind, the laughter, love and pure happiness that will fill your home will make it all worth it! Embrace the chaos, relish the togetherness, and create a Christmas that will be talked about for years to come!