Introducing Our Brand New Birth Tree Range

We’re constantly on the lookout for fresh and innovative ideas, and expanding into a birth tree range felt like the next logical step following the success of our Birth Flower Collection. It’s a unique concept that hasn’t been widely explored yet which, I think, makes this even more exciting! If the demand is there we’re more than willing to expand the range further. When I was designing these, I wanted them to have that delicate, beautiful feel that fits within our brand. I absolutely LOVE the outdoors, I would happily spend all day in my garden, so crafting designs based around nature makes me so happy! Let’s dive a little deeper into the symbolism of birth trees and where they come from, shall we?

The ancient Celtic druids had this beautiful belief that trees held incredible wisdom and meaning. They saw the universe as this big tree, with roots delving into the past, a trunk representing the present, and branches reaching up to the heavens and beyond. From this connection came Celtic tree astrology, a bit different from what we’re used to, with thirteen astrological signs, each linked to a specific tree and its own set of personality traits.

The Rowan Tree: January 22 – February 18: Rowans, the philosophical minds of tree astrology, possess a profound vision and ideals that guide their influence. Planted near doors, they ward off evil and stand as guardians of the spirit world’s gateway. With quiet influence, Rowans inspire others with their unique perspectives and inner passion. Patient expression of their creativity and ideals earns them admiration and recognition, making them highly influential figures in their own right..

The Ash Tree: February 18 – March 17: Ash are the free spirits of the bunch. They see the world as a canvas, full of endless possibilities and vibrant hues. While they might seem withdrawn at times, it’s only because their minds are always buzzing with creativity. Nature fuels their inspiration, and they effortlessly captivate others with their unique charm. Whether it’s through art, writing, or deep contemplation, Ash are always in their element. They’re constantly evolving, unshackled by the opinions of others.

The Alder Tree: March 18 – April 14:
Alders are like trailblazers, always leading the way with their fiery enthusiasm. They’re the life of the party, effortlessly charming and able to connect with all kinds of folks. Their self-assurance is magnetic, drawing others to their positive energy. Plus, they can’t stand wasting time or dealing with fake people—authenticity is key for them.

The Willow Tree: April 15 – May 12: Willows are the intuitive geniuses of the tree world, blessed with creativity and insight. This innate wisdom grants them patience and a grounded perspective, setting them apart from others. Their sharp intellect allows them to absorb and recall information effortlessly, impressing others with their depth of knowledge. It’s their keen perception that guides them to success, illuminating their path with clarity and purpose.

The Hawthorn Tree: May 13 – June 9: Hawthorns are like a box of surprises, hiding their wild creativity and passion behind a facade of normalcy. They excel at adapting to life’s twists and turns, effortlessly maintaining their own contentment while spreading joy to those around them. With a natural curiosity and a knack for listening, they bring a dose of humour and light-heartedness to any situation, balancing irony with silliness in perfect harmony.

The Oak Tree: June 10 – July 7: Oaks are like the sturdy guardians of the forest, wielding their strength to protect and champion the underdog. With their nurturing and generous nature, they exude confidence and optimism, always believing in positive outcomes. Deeply rooted in history and ancestry, they often share their wisdom as teachers, fostering strong family bonds and thriving within vibrant social networks.

The Holly Tree: July 8 – August 4: Hollys carry themselves with regal grace and often find themselves in leadership roles, showcasing their perseverance and resilience in the face of challenges. Their competitive spirit and ambition drive them to succeed, never backing down until they achieve their goals. With their sharp intellect, they effortlessly tackle intellectual challenges, all while maintaining their kind and generous nature.

The Hazel Tree: August 5 – September 1: Hazels possess a sharp intellect and remarkable organizational skills, excelling in academic pursuits much like Hollys. Their ability to retain and articulate information with precision often earns them the reputation of being know-it-alls, yet their genuine intelligence guides them towards the right decisions. They excel in subjects requiring analytical thinking, such as numbers and science, and while they appreciate rules, they often find themselves shaping them rather than adhering strictly to them.

The Vine: September 2 – September 29: Vines, born in the autumnal equinox, have a personality that’s as unpredictable as the changing seasons, often filled with contradictions and indecision. They possess a unique gift of seeing both sides of the story, making it difficult for them to pick sides, as they appreciate the merits of each perspective. Despite their aloof demeanour, Vines harbour a deep romanticism, finding joy in life’s finer pleasures like food, wine, music, and art.

The Ivy: September 30 – October 27: The Ivy’s greatest strength lies in their remarkable ability to defy the odds. While their sharp intellect is impressive, it’s their unwavering compassion and loyalty that truly shine. Ever generous, they’re quick to offer a helping hand to those in need, navigating challenges with silent strength and graceful resilience. With a profound spirituality guiding them, Ivys hold fast to their faith, emerging stronger from every trial. Though soft-spoken, their wit is sharp, and their charm and charisma are undeniable.

The Reed: October 28 – November 24:
Reeds have a knack for keeping secrets and uncovering hidden truths. Those born under this Celtic tree sign are drawn to captivating stories, gossip, and scandals, making them natural historians, journalists, detectives, and archaeologists. They excel at peeling back the layers of any tale to reveal its core, although they may sometimes employ manipulation, their commitment to truth and honor remains steadfast.

The Elder Tree: November 25 – December 23: The Elder is like a wild child, embracing freedom with open arms. Thrill-seekers at heart, they live for adventure and excitement. Outspoken and unyielding, Elders refuse to be swayed by others, preferring to follow their own path. They thrive on mental and physical challenges, constantly seeking new experiences to stimulate their curious minds. Despite their love for adventure, Elders are remarkably compassionate and always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need.

The Birch Tree: December 24 – January 21: The Birch is bursting with energy and drive. They’re the ones who ignite motivation in others and lead by example. With their unwavering ambition, they’re constantly pushing boundaries and striving for greater heights. Just like the sturdy birch tree, they’re resilient and tough, weathering any storm that comes their way. Natural-born leaders, they step up when leadership is needed, their cool-headedness guiding them through challenges. But beyond their strength, they bring a touch of charm and wit, brightening any space they inhabit.

Discovering your birth tree is like finding a piece of yourself in nature’s grand design. Each tree carries its own energy and meaning, offering insight into who you are and where you’re headed. So, what does your birth tree say about you and your family?