We're so excited to bring you our first illustrated children's story. Your child, children or family are the stars of this heart-warming tale of a little robin's quest to find his way back to his nest.

Set on a snowy Christmas eve, the first hint of trouble is when a little noise is heard outside the front door. There on the doorstep is a robin, well wrapped up against the chill but crying as he has fallen out of the nest and is fearful that Santa won't come.

In steps the hero of the tale - your child - who enlists the help of a few Christmas characters to help Robin out. We won't spoil the ending here but, in the best traditiions of bedtime stories, all is well that ends well!

We have many more plans for books in the coming months but this is your chance to own one of the first and we are sure that it will be a Christmas favourite for many years. 

The book is aimed primarily at 0-6 year olds but don't let that put you off if you are a bit older!

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