My Best Gifts for August Birthdays

I know how tricky it can be finding the perfect birthday gift but don’t worry, over the years I’ve gathered a collection of go-to gifts that I can share with you! I have complied a list of my best personalised birthday gifts perfect for people born in the month of August as well as some interesting facts about their birth flower, birth stone and more (which they may not even know!)

August Birth Flower Gifts – Gladioli

August’s birth flowers are gladioli’s (and poppy’s too!). Gladioli’s come in a rainbow of beautiful colours and are very popular in the late summer months. They originated in South Africa and named after the Latin word ‘gladius’ meaning sword after their pointy shape. They were, in fact, very important flowers in Ancient Rome as they were rained upon gladiator champions after they won a fight.

The flower itself is known to represent strength of character, honesty, integrity and generosity. Those born under this birth flower are likely to be strong, independent and fierce.

Nessie’s wonderful birth flower illustrations are perfect everlasting ways of personalising birthday gifts such as our birth flower soap or the birth flower birthday print.

August Star Sign Gifts – Leo & Virgo

Babies born at the beginning of August right up until the 22nd are all Leo babies. Leo is represented by the Lion and these fire signs are the kings and queens of the celestial ‘jungle’. Leo’s love to embrace their status and are often vivacious, theatrical and passionate – they bathe in the spotlight and love to celebrate themselves!

Virgo’s are earth signs, they are born between 23rd August up until mid-September. Virgo’s are traditionally a little opposite to Leo’s, being more humble, logical, practical and systematic. They are perfectionists, hard workers and quick thinkers – and are naturally kind and sympathetic.

We have a range of personalised gifts with Nessie’s gorgeous star sign illustrations on them below.

August Constellation Gifts – Leo & Virgo

All 12 zodiac signs have their own star constellation. The Leo constellation is one of the earliest recognised constellations, and one of the few to resemble its name sake. It’s easy to spot because the ‘pointer stars’ of the Big Dipper point directly to Leo.

Virgo lies between Leo and Libra and is the second largest constellation in the sky and the largest constellation in the zodiac.

August is one of the best times of year to observe the constellation, so enjoy a night of star gazing and see if you can find yours!

There are some awesome celebrities that share a birthday in August, we’re talking Sean Mendes, Kylie Jenner, Neil Armstrong and Alfred Hitchcock!

Check out my full collection of personalised gifts that are perfect for people born in August!