For Valentine’s 2020, we have been collecting #reallovestories celebrating all kinds of love, not just the romantic kind. First up is Jo’s tale of her first meeting with young Colin, a beautiful Bulldog.

We have been friends with Jo for absolutely years, and we know how completely this love story represents her relationship with her dog. It really is a story of true love at first sight.

Jo tells the story like this…. “It was December 2004, leading up to Christmas. I happened to be sent a photo by email from a hopeful friend and it was love at first sight the moment I clicked on that attachment.

It was the first picture I ever saw of our first ever Fur Baby Bulldog, Colin – our first puppy.

“ True love was sealed in one click….

The breeder had chosen this one for me and my boyfriend Tim. I can honestly say that true love was sealed in one click. Wrinkles, rolls and all (the dog not us). The most handsome boy and he was all ours!”

Jo really did get dragged around the countryside with Colin. However luckily things are a little more sedate these days, there are days now when she has to drag both of them out of the door. But that’s relationships eh?!

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